What makes you stand out?

Updating your branding can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Let’s take some of the pressure off! 

Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization. Done for you!

Don’t want the stress of preparing your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile?

Do you dread updating your resume and writing cover letters while applying for a job?

Especially if it’s that job, the one you’ve always wanted?

Do you get stuck trying to find the right words and relevant experiences that will distinguish you from umpteen other applicants?

What if all that agony could be taken away? Career Organic’s professional branding service uncovers the skills and qualities that will truly make you stand out.

Let’s give you optimized and ready-to-use tools for your upcoming job application!

What are we going to focus on?

We’ll focus on the three assets that are most common in job hunting.

Your Resume or CV

Getting your resume (or CV) in tip-top condition is the first order of business.

Let’s get your resume aligned with the needs and wants of your desired employer!

Your Cover Letter

The cover letter adds character to the job application by expanding on why you’re the perfect candidate.

Let’s take advantage of your qualities and make you shine!

Your LinkedIn Profile

Having an updated profile creates an additional avenue for recruiters and hiring managers.

Let’s showcase your skills, experience and recommendations!

First Step

In order to best position you in the market and make the biggest impact in your search, we must have a clear target to tailor your branding. This helps us optimize your branding for the ATS and gives you the biggest bang for your buck!

If you don’t have a clear opportunity in mind, we can also help you find out what would be a great fit for your skills, or help you decide which pivot makes the most sense! Check out our One-on-One Coaching Programs to learn more.

Learn More

How does it work?

We’ve streamlined our process to require minimal effort from you, while still maximizing your chances.


You’ll receive questionnaires from us that will help us understand which opportunity you’re targeting, your past (work) experiences as well as other relevant information.

If you don’t have a clear opportunity in mind, we can also help you find out what would be great fit. Check out our Personal Coaching service or our Community Program to learn more.


We’ll scan documents against a corporate ATS scanner, using your target roles. This will gives us a good idea which keywords to optimize for.

What is the ATS?

The Applicant Tracking System is a filtering system for companies hiring applicants.

The purpose is to rate and rank your resume to expedite the candidate selection process.


We (re)write your resume and cover letter, with the relevant content as well as a concise and attractive layout, specifically for your target opportunity.


You get your freshly updated branding documents — in editable Word format, unless requested otherwise.

How long will this take?

Your resume will be prepared within one week of submitting your details (pending holiday schedules).

If you’d like an entire package, the process takes about two weeks.

“Briar is detail-oriented and has an understanding of clients that makes her stand out from the thousands of resume/career coaches on the Internet.

She pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in her writing. Briar would be a great hire!”

Pierre Gadea

“I would definitely recommend Career Organic if you need your resume and/or LinkedIn profile updated.

After they updated my resume and LinkedIn profile, I submitted my new resume to a company that I had been turned down in the past using my old resume. However, this time I got the job. There is no doubt that it was because of the great work they did.”

Mark Holliday

“Briar has an amazing gift of extracting the right information to effectively highlight career experience, strengths and areas of expertise. She provided me with a meticulously written bio, resume and updated LinkedIn profile in a concise and compelling way to present myself to potential future employers.

If you are looking for a professional, detail-oriented and caring career coach, contact Career Organic. You will not be disappointed!”

Kemberly Higginbotham

what can you expect?

Professional Writers

You can rely on writers who are dynamic, knowledgeable, and expertly qualified with extensive industry experience.

On-Time Delivery

You’ll have your updated branding documents ready for your next application.

Targeted Deliverables

Your branding documents are carefully put together to make sure they’re effective for the job, company and sector you’re applying for.

Top Notch Support

Your success is our priority and we’re always happy to answer any questions.

Branding Packages

Do you want to increase your chances of success?

Having consistent look and feel makes a difference across your branding.

Have you ever applied to a role and forgot to update your LinkedIn to match the story you are telling on your resume?

If so, this can kill your chances at progressing in the screening process.

Let’s take care of all that, the right way.


Prices range from $399 (for Entry-Level candidates) to $799 (for Executive-Level candidates).

All Packages Include:

  • LinkedIn Profile audit and step-by-step instructions for improving your profile
  • Resume and Cover Letter — optimized for the opportunity you’re pursuing


Each Package includes a Customized Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile.

Gain an advantage in the application process — start today!

Please select the package that best fits your career experience and/or years of experience.

Entry Level

I’m just getting my feet wet!

0-5 years exp.


Mid Level

I’m getting in the groove!

6-10 years exp.


Senior Level

Not quite Director yet!

11-15 years exp.


Director Level

I’m leading multiple teams!

16-20 years exp.


Executive Level

VP level and up

20+ years exp.


Still have questions?

We’re here for you. If you’re not sure which package to select, or if you’d like to know more about what you can expect, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our coaches.

Single Services

Not looking for the full kit n’ kaboodle?

No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Easily purchase exactly what you need or what best fits your budget.

While we recommend making updates to all of your branding at the same time, we know time, finances, and talent play a role in your needs. And we aim to please!


  • Resumes starting at $275 and up
  • Cover Letters starting at $50 and up
  • LinkedIn Profiles starting at $199 and up