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Career Readiness Program led by Industry Experts and Career Coaches

  • Live group coaching calls
  • Community support within members-only LinkedIn Group
  • 24/7 access to how-to guides, videos, and practices sheets

Let’s give you the best tips, guidance and tools to kick off your career!

Is this right for your child or student?

Career Cram is designed for:


  • Evaluating next year opportunities at school or in the workforce?
  • Need help networking for paid or non-paid internships or positions?
  • Wondering what an interview will really sound and look like?


  • Not getting interviews? Need to practice answering questions?
  • Wondering what’s not working on that resume? How should it be formatted?
  • Not sure who to be connecting with or figuring out LinkedIn?


  • Not making it past the screening call?
  • Not getting many or even any calls?
  • Feeling unmotivated or lost?
  • Wondering how to properly job search?

What’s in the program?

Career Cram offers:

An Actionable Plan

Equip your child or student with a plan that contains the right steps and actions that will move them forward.


Help your child or student find out if a certain job, company, sector or opportunity is right for them.

Expert Tips

Your child or student will learn how to position themselves perfectly for the opportunity they have in mind.


Your child or student will learn to identify the skills required to navigate and thrive in their upcoming or new work environment.

Job Application Tools

Your child or student will learn how to write a resume and cover letter that are tailored to the job they’re targeting.

Community Support

Your child or student will receive group coaching and community support to help achieve their goals.

How does it work?

Inside Career Cram, you can expect the following:

Ready-to-go Training

An entire website dedicated to PDF guides and actionable exercises, video tutorials, written – guided best practices for job search, up-skilling, networking, resumes and so much more!

Live Group Coaching Calls

Industry Experts and Career Coaches leading live calls each month. Ask questions and get answers to real-time situations, course correct interview debacles, and learn from others’ experiences, challenges, and wins.

Community Forum

Exclusive access to our Members-Only Private LinkedIn Group. Ask questions, network with other members and learn HOW to navigate networking and job search on the platform that will actually be utilized! Hands-on learning and community support!

“Career Organic offer excellent career coaching. I sought out their help at a point in my job search when I was applying too much and getting virtually nowhere.

Within a month of consultations with my coach, I had obtained more job leads than I had within the past three months combined. She provided me with a clear and proven approach to obtaining employment. After implementing her advice, I do not see interviews as obstacles anymore, but as the opportunities that they are meant to be.

I highly recommend Career Organic to anyone who wants to see a clear change in their resume format, job searching and interviewing strategies.”

Evan Fodi

What’s inside?

The Career Cram library is chock-full of resources to help you all young professionals get a jump start in their academic and career pursuits.​

Here’s an overview of the core areas of focus:


Applying for a job can be an anxious and arduous affair.

And it’s bitterly disappointing if you don’t get invited to an interview, or if you don’t even receive a response.

Well, what would make your child or student an irresistible candidate?

In this section, they’ll learn how to prepare their job application as well as how to stand out from other candidates.

Inside this section:

Resumes / CVs

Cover Letters

LinkedIn Profiles



Job interviews can be an exciting but also intimidating experience.

Being interviewed can feel like you’re being set up to stumble or second-guess yourself.

How can your child or student make the best possible impression?

In this section, they’ll learn how to prepare for their upcoming job interview and how to demonstrate their qualities and value.

Inside this section:

Interview Types


Giving Answers



Growth and Development

Which opportunities one pursues are determined by what the longer-term plan is.

Creating a “bigger picture” provides clarity and purpose.

How will your child or student create and stick to their master plan?

In this section, they’ll learn how to channel their ambitions, develop their skills and realize their goals.

Inside this section:






What makes Career Cram unique?


You can use the strategies and tactics you learn, over and over again.

With confidence and success.

24/7 Access

Focus on or re-visit specific materials at your convenience.

Become a master at your own pace.

Risk-Free Guarantee

No long-term commitment or contract.

This program will continue to add new content, call recordings, and value each month and will charge you once every month, but if you need to cancel, just sign into your dashboard and say the word.

Ready to start your career with a bang?

We developed Career Cram to offer high-quality service at an affordable cost.

Here’s how the program compares to our done-for-you services (detailed on the right):

Career Cram Value:

Career Cram Cost:

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Professional Branding • $399

We’ve helped hundreds of people with getting their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile in tip-top condition.

Interview Coaching • $475

Three quarters of our clients note they made it to the next round of interviews after only 1 coaching session.

Growth & Development • $1,055+

With clients across the world and at various stages in their career, we’ve helped many gain purpose, focus and value in their professional life.

“I enjoyed working with Career Organic tremendously. From day one I knew that they genuinely cared about my situation and provided me with some of the best information and solutions to help me create an amazing resume!

I would HIGHLY recommend Career Organic to anyone who is looking to make a powerful statement in their career.”

Sam Hadi

“I had the pleasure of working with Career Organic through a transitional time in my career. They did a fantastic job uncovering and assessing my skills, identifying my ambitions, and creating a clear plan of action. Briar has a rare ability to provide feedback in a way that is supportive and respectful.

I was highly impressed by her level of engagement and investment in my success. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Career Organic and their services.”

Lisa Burgess

“I have utilized Career Organic to compose cover letters and resumes for me, and their expertise is exceptional.

Their professionalism and thoroughness is incredible. I would highly recommend Career Organic for interview coaching also.”

Frank Edward Wilhelm III