Executive Resume Bundles
Executive Resume Bundles

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Executive Resume Bundles

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In our Executive Bundles we offer comprehensive positioning strategies that clearly translate your career experiences and assets. 

Get your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn revamped by a dedicated professional resume writer to reduce your stress. This includes a fully customized resume, tailored cover letter, and new LinkedIn content with an audit report. Once you submit your information, we start working promptly.

It’s important to have a target in mind beforehand to match with ATS, recruiters, and hiring managers effectively. Here are the Step-By-Step expectations: provide the necessary information, have a discovery call if required, writing commences after all intake is complete, receive the first draft within a week for review, and the revision process (up to 2 rounds) is followed by producing the final document in Word format. However, special requests may impact the timeline. 

We offer 2-options: Working with our Executive Resume Writers or working directly with Briar Dougherty.

If you need this done ASAP, check out our Rush Service.