We greatly appreciate the trust our clients afford us to walk alongside them as they invest in themselves and their futures. Due to how much care is put into each project, all projects must begin within 14 days of purchase to properly align our services with your current needs.

If the project does not begin within 14 days of purchase, the project will be put on hold automatically. There will be a $49 re-engagement fee to begin the project(s) and re-prioritize your timeline.

If the project begins, via intake completed by Client, but then the Client does not respond or provide any revisions/input to progress or further the project within 14 days of receiving the draft, the project will be put on hold automatically and kept on hold up to 60 days post-purchase. The Client can re-engage at no cost up until 60 days post-purchase. After 60 days from purchase, if Client has not re-engaged the start of their project, there will be a $49 re-engagement fee to begin the project(s) and re-prioritize your timeline. 

After 90 days from purchase, if there is no communication on the part of the Client, and the project has commenced and is in progress, all projects will be marked as fulfilled and any internal project credits will expire. 

Should you decide that it is not the right time to align with us on your career transition, you must notify us in writing within 24 hours of purchasing services. Written notice must be sent to letsconnect@careerorganic.com. Once received, and we have confirmation that no projects, coaching calls, discovery, and/or intake have been completed, a refund minus an administrative fee of 4% of the purchase price will be returned via the merchant services provider the Client used to make the purchase. If the project, coaching call, discovery session, and/or intake forms have been commenced, then no refund will be issued even with written notice.

Note: All product and membership purchases are non-refundable. Any product and services purchases are non-transferable. 

We thank you for allowing us to partner with you on the next step in your career journey!