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Briar Dougherty

I am a versatile Executive, Advisor, and Mentor with more than 20 years of success across corporate, enterprise, startup, and nonprofit environments. 

My areas of expertise span operations, sales, marketing, talent development, strategic planning, business plan development, P&L management, and comprehensive strategy development to grow, course-correct, and scale business. 

I lead workshops, presentations, and trainings in professional development and executive leadership across multiple markets including: the United States, Australia, Europe, India, South America, and Canada.

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A unique approach

With over 20 years as a hiring manager, Briar has been working with multinational organizations, non-profits, and in academic environments, coaching an international clientele. She has successfully authored multiple books and career development masterclasses. In addition to working with professionals, Briar works with leaders and entrepreneurs on how to efffectively run their businesses and grow their teams, Briar approaches all client interactions from a holistic viewpoint, and from one of growth as a primary outcome.

Working with briar completely changed how I approached my exit from the company I was running. after working with her, I was able to better understand what my next move looked like and how to effectively tell that story, network, and understand my value prop. within 3 weeks, I had 3 offers and am still being actively recruited.

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Resume Bundle

Work directly with Briar on your professional brand. Her focus is on simplifying your narrative, especially if you have a complex background or journey.



Need to level up in your career or have questions that need to get answered before making your next move. Work with Briar to get clarity and traction.

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Briar has been hosted on platforms around the Globe, working with professional groups, news outlets, and companies to create engaging and educational events.

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Have a project or initiative that needs additional operational or talent focused insights. Contact Briar to discuss the details of your needs.

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