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With a Market that feels like it's working against you

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Job Seeker Membership

Job Seeker Membership

Job Seeker Membership

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🌟 Your Space for Total Job Search Support 🌟

Access up-to-date job market insights from our team of coaches, network with global professionals, and utilize job search resources through our membership to accelerate your employment prospects.

Unlock the gateway to your ideal career with our exclusive platform, meticulously designed to elevate your job search experience:

💡 Market Insights: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time data and analysis on job trends and in-demand skills.

💬 Professional Networking: Connect effortlessly with industry leaders and peers to build relationships that open doors to new opportunities.

📚Curated Resource Library: Dive into a rich repository of job postings, networking events, and skill-building workshops, all curated to give you a competitive edge.

Chart a successful career path with Job Seeker Membership — the partner you need for the journey ahead.


After Joining JSM, Susanne leveraged resources & within 3 weeks confidently secured & negotiated a higher salary.

I'm still a little in shock over how quickly everything has fallen into place! I am so grateful for all Career Organic's help & especially the incredible advice packed into the interview prep videos.

Susanne K.

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Our Job Search Support Program helps

Expedite your Job Search

86% of Our Members Received Interview Invitations & Accepted Job Offers In Just 4-6 Weeks.

& provides you the tools to

Increase your chances of landing the job

88% of Our Members Received Job Offers After Not Having Traction In Their Search for Weeks to Months.

Meet a Few of our

Expert Coaches & Leaders

Stacey A.

Stacey, a career coach with expertise in interviewing, inspires and motivates job seekers with her unique blend of knowledge and compassion on their career journeys.

Ashley M.

Ashley, our community leader, offers a curated & thoughtful experience to every member, guiding you expertly through our extensive library of resources & tools with a personal touch.

Briar D.

Briar, our CEO + Founder, is the visionary behind our membership. With 20+ yrs of experience as a hiring manager, she is the guiding force for our coaches dedicated to ensuring that each member's needs are met with precision & care.


Is the Job Seeker Membership [JSM] the Right fit for me?

Job Seeker Membership [JSM] is a learning environment tailored for individuals actively applying to new job opportunities.

It is important to know the role you want to target before you start applying. We will offer guidance on how to find a role that interests you, so you can tailor your resume appropriately and start getting traction in your application process.

What Resources are in JSM?

Resources and regular live sessions covering essential topics such as

  • resume building,
  • interviewing techniques,
  • salary negotiation,
  • networking,
  • & personal branding.

You will also have access to our recommended job boards, weekly job postings, and weekly resume reviews.

There will not be any 1:1 coaching assignments. You will have access to our Community Manager and Coaching team via Slack, and can ask questions via message at any time Mon-Fri.

However, we do offer 1-on-1 coaching offers elsewhere, available here.

Yes, we will provide you with guided lessons and tools for DIY Resume, Cover Letter + LinkedIn:

  1. Resume reviews with feedback
  2. Guided lessons on resume crafting
  3. ATS-friendly strategies
  4. AI-driven cover letter creation
  5. LinkedIn content optimization

No, we do not provide job placement, we instead provide the tools & guidance for you to secure a job.

Examples include:

  1. Accelerated job search techniques
  2. Tailored job board recommendations
  3. Dedicated channel for job postings based on member interest
  4. Application tracking and feedback insights

Membership Specifics

Once you receive and accept your job offer, you can move to our growth channel to continue receiving support as you grow into your new role.