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Outplacement Services

Handle Layoffs with Grace & Integrity

Every Employee Deserves a Respectful Transition. Every Brand Deserves to Shine, Even in Difficult Times.

We understand that Companies Face a wide Span of

Vulnerabilities During a Layoff

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Bad Press

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Legal Risk

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Customer Distrust

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Poor Industry Standing

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Our Outplacement Services Allow you to

Preserve Your Brand

Ensure you are seen as a responsible and ethical employer. While boosting your chances of hiring top talent in the future by preserving your reputation. 

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& Truly Prioritizing

Your Budget Needs

We pride ourselves on offering the most budget-friendly solution, ensuring you support your departing employees without stretching your resources.

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While Genuinely

Demonstrating Employee Care

Offering outplacement services demonstrates compassion and support for departing employees, showing that their future matters to the organization, even if they can no longer be part of it.

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By Inspiring Trust &

Fostering Customer Loyalty

By prioritizing employee well-being and embodying ethical values, brands can cultivate customer loyalty and trust, encouraging customers to remain faithful to the brand.

After experiencing a highly public & negative layoff round previously, our company's reputation and morale took a major hit. When it came time for another, we turned to Career Organic. Before, our strategy wasn’t thorough and we received backlash from our teams, our community, and our clients. Now, we can focus on our future while supporting our past employees in the way they truly deserve.