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Speaking Engagements

elevate your event

Briar has been contracted on a global scale to provide insights into career development workshops, master classes, and speaking engagements. Find out how she can add to your upcoming event or workshop!

Some popular options

Events & Workshops

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Professional Development

Have a group of professionals needing a guided workshop on how to position their resumes and brand narratives?

This is the perfect workshop!

[Starting at $100 per participant]

“I attended an Absolutely AMAZING webinar with Briar & General Assembly today. One of my absolute top 5 (and I’ve done a lot!) Very thankful for her insights!

Stefanie Z.

speaking engagements

elevate your event

Energize your audience with tangible ideas and information.

Create value for your audience.

I have presented for professional groups, panels, keynotes and podcasts within the career industry, and know the power of a strong presenter taking a workshop, a meeting, or an event to a higher level.

Engaging your audience is paramount within a digital culture. Presentations need to evoke emotion and resonate with attendees.

Working with people everyday and navigating communication for a living, this is an area that lights me up and as a dynamic speaker, I am able to engage sometimes unengaged individuals to feel a part of the crowd, the mission, and leave with tangible impact from what they’ve learned or experienced.

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Virtual Webinar

"I just attended a very inspiring workshop, called ‘Job Interview Prep: Know Your Brand’, hosted by the amazing Growth Tribe. 

Speaker Briar Dougherty’s vision and tips on discovering your personal brand and how to ace any job interview, have motivated me to take a closer look at my personal assets."

- Judith H.

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CEO of Career Organic lecturing people.
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