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The first draft of your resume will be delivered within 7-10 business days of your intake information being finalized.

Our team will get started once we finalize your intake information. This includes the intake questionnaire, target roles, and current resume if applicable.

Coaching engagements begin once payment has been submitted, any intake information needed has been collected (resume, target roles etc) and a time has been confirmed with your coach. We do our best to schedule your sessions as soon as possible, based on our team’s schedule.

If there is a specific time frame you have in mind, please let our team know! We will do our best to accommodate.


The first step in the process is submitting payment through our website. You will automatically be sent an intake questionnaire link, and our team will be following up with you to process your intake information.

Once you pay for coaching, our team will reach out if there is any information we need before scheduling your session. Once we have all of the information we need to get started, your first session will be scheduled.

You will be able to speak with your writer on the discovery call and via email throughout your project!


If you purchased a coaching session, you will receive a recording of your session. You will also receive any exercises your coach thinks would be helpful.

You will receive a guide to updating your LinkedIn profile, which includes brand new content. Once the content is finalized, it will be ready to copy and paste directly into your profile. 

Our team does not login to your profile to update the content due to cybersecurity risks.


Yes! Our website was migrated to Shopify to accommodate more payment options for our clients.

Depending on your unique consumer profile there are installment options available on each product & purchase via Shop Pay Installments & PayPal.

Yes, payment is due up front, before work on your project begins.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Shopify Payments, Google Pay, Shop Pay + More


Career Organic does partner with select Executive Search firms. If any of our clients seem like they would be a good fit for their open requisitions, we are happy to make a warm introduction. We do not offer formal placement services.

Since we cannot be a part of the application process, we can’t provide a guarantee.

On occasion, about once per year, we do have clients applying to roles outside of their original target. In this scenario, we cannot guarantee success. As long as you are clear on your target and applying to roles within that target, we can help you get to the goal of receiving calls from recruiters.

We have a team of writers with varied professional backgrounds, and we do our best to match clients with writers who share similar backgrounds, or that have experience writing for the background.

Briar Doughterty, our CEO, has deep industry knowledge across the board and closely oversees all client projects. 

Our Team & Mission

She has been a hiring manager for the past 20 years and partners with Recruiting firms and Hiring Managers to understand current market expectations

Briar has worked with high level executives in multiple multi-national brands both as a colleague and coach.

She has several years experience working in corporate America, based out of NYC & ATL (accountable for regional management)

& Multi-million-dollar P&L Accountability.

She has worked with growing startups and acquiring and transitioning new business (from operations to HR to sales enablement)

She has strong operational focus on building infrastructure to scale for-profit and non-profit organizations, business units, products/services, and reach

She has overseen CapEx projects in multiple organizations (budget control, planning, logistics, scheduling, procurement)

She left Corp America in 2013 to start a solopreneurship and grew that into Career Organic in 2017 and scaled it to an S-Corp through her leadership, global coaching reach, and strategic partnerships.

We have a 95% success rate of creating traction with recruiters and hiring staff.

This does not mean that 95% of our clients have been hired, it means the resume got them a call, and likely a phone screen interview. We do this by writing both for the ATS and the hiring manager target

We cater to three audiences when crafting your professional branding: the ATS, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers.

We simplify the process so that there are only minimal tweaks to be made when applying to different positions.

Our team accomplishes this by embedding high level keywords throughout the resume, and writing from the perspective of both recruiters and hiring managers.

Our team also does not move forward with resume writing unless the client knows their target. If they do not know their target, then a coaching session is completed first. This ensures we as a team are serving our clients by positioning their branding documents to a defined outcome or set of core functions they would like to target in their next position.

Career Coaching

Our career tiers are based on a combination of your years of experience and the types of roles you are targeting.

These tiers allow us to align you with the correct writer on our team.

If you have any questions about which level you are, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at letsconnect@careerorganic.com.

If you do not know which types of jobs you would like to target, we would recommend starting with a 90 minute Career Navigation Coaching Session.

Our coaches can work with you to narrow down what types of roles would be a good next step for you, before starting with Professional Branding. 

Resume Writing

Our team of experts has created our own templates that are ATS compatible. We do choose templates for each client based on their industry and level.

If you choose the Resume Only or Resume Bundle option, you will have an initial intake call with your writer, so they can get to know you and ask any clarifying questions about your experience before beginning the writing process.

From there, you will receive drafts via email. If there are edits that need to be discussed over the phone, your Professional Branding Expert would be happy to schedule an edit call.

If you would prefer to have your resume optimized over the phone, we do offer 60-minute optimization sessions for both resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

For more info, please email clientsuccess@careerorganic.com with more questions!

If the two types of jobs have similar core functions, most of the time we recommend one resume.

If the two types of jobs are very different, then we would recommend two versions of your resume.

We do offer specific pricing for this scenario. Please reach out to our team at letsconnect@careerorganic.com

if you have any additional questions about multiple versions of your resume. Our team would be happy to review the roles you have in mind.

Yes! Each document includes two rounds of revisions.

LinkedIn Profiles

Definitely not. Your LinkedIn profile is written for a broader audience as it’s a global platform.

We focus on bringing out the highlights you are offering, while pairing down your content so it’s highly digestible to even novice recruiters. It’s also stylized so that even in mobile viewing it reads well and has good flow for the reader.

We additionally audit your profile, picture, background, skills, endorsements and recommendations among other sections so you have a comprehensive view of what needs your attention.

Personalized Strategy

We tailor the approach for your goals & target.

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