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Job Seeker Membership

Sponsor a Job Seeker

Sale price$49.00
Select Basic ($49/mth) or Plus ($149/mth):$49.00
Sponsor a Job Seeker with Monthly Job Search Support

Empower a job seeker in need with a month of comprehensive job search support through our Job Seeker Membership.

Choose from two distinct levels to suit individual needs and career aspirations:

1️⃣ Standard Job Seeker Platform - $49

Ideal for those seeking essential support and resources, the Standard Job Seeker Membership offers:

  • 📈 Market Insights: Access real-time job trend analysis and in-demand skills data.
  • 💬 Professional Networking: Connect with global industry leaders and peers.
  • 📚 Resource Library: Explore curated job postings, events, and workshops

2️⃣ Job Seeker Plus Platform - $149

For a more tailored and intimate experience, the Job Seeker Plus membership includes everything in the Standard platform, plus:

  • 💡 Private Coaching Channel: Direct, private access to our coaching team via Slack for personalized advice and feedback.
  • 🌟 1:1 Coaching Sessions: Exclusive member rates for personalized coaching sessions, including monthly 30-min sessions and additional Career Organic coaching at a discounted rate.
  • 🔑 Confidentiality and Privacy: Engage in private discussions alongside group channels for focused career development.

🎁 One Month, One Quantity: Each unit you select at checkout represents one month of transformative job search support. It's a month packed with potential, opportunities, and growth.

Want to Extend Your Gift? Simply Increase the Quantity: If you wish to sponsor your friend or loved one for more than a month, just increase the quantity at checkout. Each additional unit adds another month of comprehensive support and resources. It's like wrapping up several months of hope and guidance into one beautiful present.

🚨 After purchasing you will receive an email with a redemption code you can forward to the individual you are sponsoring. 

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