How to Prepare for Your Performance Review Now

How to Prepare for Your Performance Review Now

Performance reviews are often seen as a once-a-year process, but the truth is that preparing for your performance review should be an ongoing effort. Being proactive and putting in the work now will pay off when it comes time to sit down with your manager and discuss your accomplishments over the past year. Here are some tips to help you get ahead of the game and make sure you’re ready for your next performance review.

1. Make a List of Achievements man with tattoos at a table covered in papers writing down a list


One of the best ways to prepare for your performance review is to make a list of your achievements throughout the year. This can include anything from;

  • Goals you met
  • Projects you completed
  • Initiatives you launched
  • Other contributions that had an impact on your team or organization.

Being able to quantify and articulate the value of these contributions during your performance review will be key in demonstrating why you should receive a positive rating. 

2. Understand Your Impact

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As well as documenting what you achieved throughout the year, it’s also important to understand how those achievements contributed to overall business objectives or organizational goals. Being able to explain not only what you did, but

  • Why it was important &
  • How it impacted the business

will give your manager a better understanding of how valuable you are as an employee.

3. Get Feedback From Others

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While feedback from your direct manager is obviously important, there may be other colleagues who have seen first-hand how much value you have added over the course of the year and provide a different perspective than the one you hold. Once again, getting this additional feedback can give further substance and credibility to the work that you have done over the last twelve months.
Don’t forget that if someone else has been impressed by something that you have done—it is probably worth documenting and mentioning during your performance review!

4. Change your Mindset & Approach


Preparing for your performance review shouldn’t be something that is rushed or sneaks up on you as a last minute obligation or hurdle. Instead, it should be an ongoing process throughout the entire year. By being proactive now and making sure that all important information is documented clearly and accurately, as it happens, will ensure there is no doubt in anyone’s mind about how much value you bring to your team or company. It can be the difference between playing offense instead of defense when it comes time for review day!

Whether you are just starting out in your career, are an aspiring leader, or a tenacious high performer, take note - now is definitely the time to start getting ready for next year’s performance review!

Stop leaving money and opportunity on the table, this is going to be your year for the taking!  


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