Cover Letter
Cover Letter
Cover Letter
Cover Letter

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Cover Letter

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Career Level:Early Career
Let us do the heavy lifting. Get your cover letter written by our professional writing team! What you'll get:
  • Fully customized Cover Letter
  • Tailored to your target roles
We get started as soon as soon as we solidify your intake. Please note that it is important to have an idea of your target before beginning. This ensures we match with the ATS, Recruiters & Hiring Managers to the best of our ability. Check out our Step-By-Step expectations:
  1. Submit any information needed for writer to start (Questionnaire, Copy of Resume or LinkedIn, and job descriptions or links)
  2. Writing begins
  3. Within 1-week you will receive your first draft for review
  4. Revision process (2-rounds if needed)
  5. Final document produced in Word format
*Special request may alter timelines.