Early Career Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Early Career Cover Letter

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Let us take care of the heavy lifting for you. Our professional writing team will craft a customized cover letter that is tailored to your desired positions. 

We will begin as soon as we have received the necessary information from you. It's crucial to have a clear understanding of your target roles to ensure the best possible match with ATS systems, recruiters, and hiring managers. 

Here is what you can expect in our step-by-step process:


  • Submit any relevant information (questionnaire, resume or LinkedIn, and job descriptions or links)
  • Writing commences
  • Within one week, you will receive the first draft for review
  • Two rounds of revisions if necessary
  • The final document will be delivered in Word format

    *Special request may alter timelines.

    If you need this done ASAP, check out our Rush Service.