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Job Seeker Membership VIP

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Elite Outplacement Solutions: Navigating Transitions with Dignity

Our Job Seeker Membership VIP is a comprehensive approach to layoffs that balances company interests with genuine care for employees. This outplacement service reinforces your brand’s integrity and commitment while providing valuable support and resources to those transitioning to new opportunities.

🌟 We pride ourselves on providing your company ⬇️

1️⃣ Brand Reputation Preservation: Maintain your status as a responsible and ethical employer, enhancing your ability to attract top talent in the future.

2️⃣ Budget-Conscious Support: Our competitively priced solution at $899 for 3 months ensures you provide necessary support without overextending financially.

3️⃣ Inspiring Trust and Fostering Loyalty: Demonstrate commitment to employee well-being during layoffs strengthen customer loyalty and enhance brand trust.

🌟 Your Employees Receive Total Job Search Support in our 3-Month Package 🌟

💡 Market Insights: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time data and analysis on job trends and in-demand skills.

💬 Professional Networking: Connect effortlessly with industry leaders and peers to build relationships that open doors to new opportunities.

📚Curated Resource Library: Dive into a rich repository of job postings, networking events, and skill-building workshops, all curated to give you a competitive edge.

💬 Private Channel with Coaches: Forge a deeper connection with a team of experienced career coaches through your very own private channel on Slack. Ask questions, seek advice, and get personalized feedback in a private, supportive environment.

🎯 1:1 Coaching Session: Elevate your career with a 30-minute, one-on-one coaching session of your choosing ranging from topics such as resume writing or interview prep. Our seasoned coaches work with you individually to develop a custom action plan that aligns with your goals, enhancing your job search and professional development.

🚨 Disclaimer - Price per seat