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Resume Edit Service

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Resume Edit Service

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Service:Resume Edit Service

We understand that sometimes even the most well-written resumes can benefit from some fine-tuning, which is why we offer our service to help you make the necessary adjustments to stand out from the competition. 

Whether it's rephrasing a bullet point, optimizing language, or adding a new skill, our team of experienced resume writers is here to provide you with the expertise and guidance you need to take your resume to the next level.

You Will Receive ⬇️ 

  • An instructional PDF that provides tips and guidance on how to craft an effective resume 
  • Two ATS resume templates that you can use to showcase your skills and experience. 
  • Review + Resume Edit from a Resume Expert 


🎯 We offer 2 different options for review

#1 Resume Edit Service 

  • No phone call included 
  • Edits will be sent within 7-10 business days after resume submission

#2 Resume Edit Service - Live Session

  • Up to 60 minutes live on the phone, receiving live edits from a professional resume writer on our team.
  • Calls will be scheduled within 2-3 days of submission
  • Resume must be submitted 24 hours prior to the call 


🌟 Disclaimer 

  1. To use our service, you must submit your resume in a Word document - we will not accept PDF or Pages files. 
  2. Additional Revisions not included outside of the one edit

While we recommend using our template for best results with the ATS, we understand that some customers may prefer to use their own formatting. As long as we can edit the document, we are focused on the content, not the formatting. If you do choose to use our template, we can provide additional formatting guidance to make sure that your resume looks polished and professional.

🌟 Note 

The Resume Edit Service is specifically designed for individuals who already have a well-crafted resume but need assistance in making small tweaks to make it even more effective. Our service is NOT intended for individuals who need a complete overhaul of their resume or who need help creating a new one from scratch.